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What’s on? Your Guide to the Best of the Streaming Services

With so many streaming services, it’s difficult to figure out what to watch and where. Here are a few suggestions:

Trapped (Seasons 1 & 2) – Prime Video

Image: Amazon

Trapped (Season 1) is a Nordic noir centering around a small town, a fire, a mysterious corpse, and the fraying life of the bearish detective played by Olafur Olafsson. Excellent acting and an even better plot keep the audience guessing. Season 2 continues the drama with a ferry, a crime, and yet another blizzard. [In Icelandic with English subtitles.]

Lupin – Netflix

Image: Netflix

Omar Sy stars in the French series as the charismatic thief Assane Diop. Diop adopts the persona of Arsene Lupin, the fictional thief from writer Maurice Leblanc, to pull off a number of heists to avenge an injustice. Season 1 fails to provide closure but season 2 is confirmed and will be released anywhere between late Spring to late Summer. [French with English subtitles]

Perry Mason – HBO Max

Image: HBO

Matthew Rhys stars in the eponymous remake of late ’50s, early ’60’s private eye series. One warning: the victim is a baby and if you can stomach the first episode, you will be rewarded with an excellent cast and story.

Ted Lasso – Apple TV+

Image: Apple

For those looking for something lighter, Ted Lasso is will satisfy. I went into the series with a healthy dose of skepticism being a big fan of English football; the story of how an English football (Soccer) club recruited an American football coach seemed a little too simple but be patient and watch for the reason he’s brought to the club. Jason Sudeikis is not what you would imagine the typical American football coach to be and, as a result, it plays well in the story. Give it a chance and enjoy!

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