Antitrust advocate, Tim Wu, named to NEC

White House

The White House announced a number of new policy staff members today. The most notable of the group, at least as it relates to tech, is Tim Wu. Wu, who was a Professor at Columbia University law school and an advocate for stronger and more stringent antitrust laws, was named to the National Economic Council as the Special Assistant to the President for Technology and Competition Policy.

Wu recently wrote a book on the growth of the tech giants where he alleges they have committed antitrust violations. He argued in his book, “The Curse of Bigness: Antitrust in the New Guilded Age” that the tech giants, namely Google, Facebook, and Amazon created “extreme economic concentration” and that such a concentration leads to inequality and can ultimately affect the politics and leadership of a nation.

He has been explicit about his views on Section 230 and belief in regulation and antitrust legislation as it applies to the larger technology companies. Wu has served in the government before and has served on the NEC in the latter years of the Obama administration.

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