Class action lawsuit against Apple over butterfly keyboards moves forward

A judge in the District of Northern California granted certification for a class action lawsuit against Apple over the infamous butterfly keyboards included in Apple laptops from 2015-2019.

Apple introduced its thinner keyboard design in 2015. Soon after, thousands of consumers complained of sticky or unresponsive keys. It appeared that the design allowed dust and other particles to embed themselves under the keys and impact the operability of keys.

Apple has offered to repair any butterfly keyboard for free but the class action lawsuit contends that repairs take time and consumers lose out on access to their computer.

For now, consumers in the following states may join the lawsuit: California, New York, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington, or Michigan.

The models in question are the following: Apple MacBook from 2015-2017; Apple MacBook Pro from 2016-2019 (excluding the 16 inch MacBook Pro released in November 2019); Apple MacBook Air from 2018-2019.

To join the class action lawsuit, visit the Gerard Sharp website.

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