Watch: Teenage Engineering OP-1 in Ableton

Chuck Sutton, somehow, someway, managed to recreate Teenage Engineering’s heralded OP-1 portable synthesizer inside of Ableton. The actual, tangible OP-1 goes for around $1121 and in addition to being a synth, it also contains a sampler that can grab a piece of a song on its built in FM radio, and can be used as a controller. Essentially, the OP-1 is a handheld Digital Audio Workstation, or DAW with really unique style and features. Enter Chuck Sutton. Chuck Sutton managed to recreate this portable instrument in Ableton (a software based DAW). It somehow features a radio, sampler, pre and post FX, multiple built-in drum kits, 808 sampler and whatever you create with the virtual instrument, you can easily export directly into Ableton (since you are already working in Ableton). Check out the video below of this really, really cool achievement.

Video: @chuck_suttonn
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