WATCH: Ford to unveil electric F-150 Lightning

Tune in at 9:00 PM EST

Ford will be announcing its newest electric vehicle, the F-150 Lightning, which could have wide ranging implications in the U.S.’s adoption of electric vehicles. Ford’s F-150 has been the leading pick-up truck sold in the U.S. for years, and introduction of an electric version of the best seller could speed-up the public acceptance of EVs.

President Biden toured the facility that produced the the F-150 Lightning and even had the opportunity to test drive it. After his test drive on the track, Biden let slip that he estimated the truck’s 0-60 mph time was a little over four seconds. (That’s very fast for a truck that size.)

In 2019, Ford demonstrated the towing capacity of an electric F-150 prototype. The prototype was able to tow over a million pounds. (That was not a typo– it was a striking demonstration.) Consumers can also expect a built in generator that can be used to power electric tools or even a house.

Watch live at 9:00 PM EST on Youtube or Twitter.

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