Hackers gain access to over 100,000 cameras across the world

Live feeds from Tesla, schools, prisons, hospitals, police departments were compromised

A hacking collective, calling themselves Advanced Persistent Threat 69420, compromised over 150,000 surveillance camera feeds across the world. One of the hackers, Kottmann, using they/them pronouns, told Bloomberg they were “curious” as well as “fighting for freedom of information and against intellectual property” and then hinted at “anti-capitalism” and “anarchism”. How spying into Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown Connecticut accomplished those objectives is unclear. The Verkada cameras were breached by the hackers by compromising the Super Admin account. Once the hackers gained access to the Super admin account, they were able to gain root access to the cameras. Hackers were given access to Tesla factories in Shanghai, Equinox gyms, hospitals, police departments, prisons, Verkada offices, and even homes. Since the incident, Verkada has suspended all Super admin accounts and the hackers have lost access to the feeds. An investigation from the company continues.

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