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Legere spends big for NFT from Steve Aoki

$888,888.88 for an NFT

John Legere spent $888,888.88 on an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) created by DJ Steve Aoki. Aoki’s NFTs were a collection of soundscapes accompanying digital animations. The one purchased by Legere was titled “hairy”; this is a record amount spent on a piece from NiftGateway.

NFTs are digital collectibles or tokens that are meant to be one of a kind. Once uploaded by the creator, they are encoded in blockchain and when purchased by the buyer, the owner can say the she or he owns a one of a kind piece of art, whether it be visual art, music, or a combination of both. Using Etherium blockchain, the owner’s token is unique, and are unlike any other token in contrast to bitcoin where one’s bitcoin holds the same value as another’s bitcoin (this is why NFTs are “non-fungible”; they are one-of-a-kind).

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