Verizon: full-speed 5G only for premium unlimited plans

In a presentation to investors, Verizon revealed that its superior C-band 5G network would only be accessible to those on “premium” unlimited plans, such as the Play More, Do More, and Get More plans. This should come as no surprise being that its current 5G band, mmWave, is only offered to consumers on those very same premium plans.

Users were hoping that Verizon’s investment in C-band spectrum would help to extend the reach of it overall 5G coverage due to the short reach of the ultrafast mmWave spectrum. Users on the Start Unlimited plan can expect to only have access to Verizon’s slower 5G network.

During its presentation, Verizon explained how they would be heavily investing in deploying C-band 5G. Currently, the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21 series support C-band 5G. Moving ahead, Verizon said that its phones will all support the C-band network.

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