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FedEx pledges to electrify its entire fleet by 2040

The electric delivery fleets are coming

With the help of a $2 billion investment, FedEx is looking to transition its fleet of delivery vehicles to electric by 2040. In a press release, FedEx listed a number of goals for the next decade: FedEx is looking to make 50% of its global vehicle purchases to be electric vehicles by the year 2025; by 2030, FedEx will be only be purchasing EVs for its fleet.

FedEx is looking to save on fuel and maintenance costs; they have found that the EVs they have used in the past decade have been less expensive to maintain than their combustible engine counterparts due to fewer moving parts.

This move has come after UPS has ordered 10,000 electric delivery vehicles and Amazon has ordered 100,000 EVs from Rivian and DHL has a fifth of its fleet with zero-emissions. Even the United States Postal Service has plans to phase out its delivery fleet with combustible engines with newer electric-powered trucks.

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