130 school districts file class action lawsuit against Juul

Around 130 school districts from around the U.S. have joined a class action lawsuit against Juul, which produces vaping accessories. The latest district to join the lawsuit is Freehold Regional High School District of New Jersey. reports on the reasons why the district superintendent moved forward with joining the class action lawsuit against the vaping company. The suit claims that a number of students use the products and that the products have caused the students to “act out” and as a result, the district has had to divert resources such as teachers and money to deal with the problems. Some of the costs incurred by the district were vaping monitoring detectors as well as security cameras; students who are caught vaping are given detention– something that requires teacher supervision and thus additional compensation for the additional duty. Furthermore, the district alleges that improper disposal of Juul devices in toilets have led to substantial costs in plumbing. The lawsuit accuses Juul of advertising on youth-oriented social media and blames its spread partly on its targeted audience.

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