Container ship blocks entire Suez Canal

UPDATE 3/26/21: Still stuck and looks like it might be a few weeks before the ship is moved; so far, tug boats and backhoes have failed to dislodge the container ship from its position. Experts are weighing in and hinting at a rise in the price of crude oil as well as shortages of electronics such as televisions and computer components.

MV Ever Given, a container ship from company, Evergreen Marine, was reportedly caught up in a dust storm causing low visibility and ran aground, essentially blocking any traffic from transiting through the Suez Canal. Recent reports this morning have indicated that tug boats were able to tow the ship slightly aside but it appears the problem has not been fully resolved.

Traffic has accumulated and this could have an impact on oil and gas prices as a number of ships carrying the fuels are held up until the Ever Given is moved. To get a sense of just how big this ship is, it can carry over 20,000 containers that are 20 feet long.

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