Deal of the Day

From $60.00+ with EPP and trade-in of wired headset.

Samsung is offering their Galaxy Buds Live at a steep discount today with any EPP discount program. If your employer offers the discount program (or if you’re a student) you can get either the Mystic White or Mystic Bronze for over $100 off with trade-in of any old wired headset from your current phone. Be sure to sign in with either your employee discount or as a student and choose trade-in (any wired headset will do), and you will end up with a total around $60.00 plus tax and free shipping.

The buds sit in your ears but do not extend into the ear canal such as the Airpods Pros or Samsung’s newest buds, The Galaxy Buds Pro. Reviews have largely rated the Active Noise Cancellation as a non-factor because the GBLs do not create a seal when in your ears, making true noise cancellation a difficult feat but for $60.00, you will not find a better pair of wireless earbuds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live – Samsung – $60.00+FS – Requires EPP

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