Apple announces new iPad Pros with M1 chip

With a 50% jump in CPU performance and a 40% jump in graphics performance from the last iPad Pros, the new iPad Pros are some seriously powerful computers. The iPad Pros have built-in compatibility with the PS Dual Sense controller and the new Xbox controllers. They feature higher storage, reaching all the way up to 2TB. They now come with a thunderbolt port that allows them to connect to displays and other storage options. The iPad Pros will support 5G networks and mmWave spectrums. We still have FaceID– I would love to see some sort of TouchID like the Galaxy Tab’s have built into either the power button or screen. The cameras have been updated as with every iteration but the cool thing is that the new front-facing camera uses machine learning to pan and keep its subject in the center of the frame. The screen and HDR content are powered by 10,000 mini LEDs that are grouped into a number of dimming zones. The 11 inch iPad Pro begins at $799.00 while the 12 inch begins at $1,099; both will be available starting April 30th.

Image: Apple
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